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Analysts marked with an asterisk * are Training Analysts

*Dr. G Anaf P/code 5067
*Dr. W Blakemore P/Code 5082
Dr Clara Bookless P/Code 5006
*Dr. R Chester P/Code 5063
*Dr. R Curnow P/Code 5061
*Dr. E Heath P/Code 5006
Dr. C Hilton 5024
Dr Shanthi Saha 5046
*Dr. T Turpin P/Code 5067
Adelaide Candidates #
Dr S Febbo P/Code 6110 (Perth)
Dr M Schirripa 5068
Dr. S Selvasingam 5045
Dr. T Alexander
Ms K Bays
Ms D Bekos P/Code 3054
Dr A Carmady P/Code 3078
Ms J Chauvel P/code 3121
Dr J Coleman P/code 3145
Dr R Daniel P/code 3068
*Dr J M Davis P/code 3126
*Dr V Elton P/code 3161
*Dr L Fail (retired)
*Dr H Garner P/code 3142
Mrs R Glickfeld P/code 3101
Dr D Grant (retired)
Ms F Hattam P/code 3068
Dr K Kendall P/Code 3002
*Mrs P Kenwood (retired)
Dr G King P/code 3123
Mrs J King P/code 3123
*Dr M Lapinski P/code 3101
*Dr H Martin (retired)
*Mr N Martin (retired)
Dr M McArdle P/Code 3000
*Dr D McIntyre P/Code 3142
*Mrs C Millott P/code 3101
*Ms M Mirabelli P/code 3054
*Dr D O'Brien (retired)
*Ms E Orr
*Ms C Osman P/code 3053
Mrs L Per P/code 3141
Dr R Prytula P/code 3101
Ms S Rosenberg P/code 3103
Dr T Russo
Dr R Salo P/code 3004
*Dr G Sheehan P/code 3053
*Dr P Smith P/code 3122
*Mrs E Steel (retired)
*A/Prof. F Thomson Salo P/code 3004
Melbourne Candidates #
Ms A Diamond
Mr C Haslett
Ms S Hearn
Dr L Jurlina
Mr J Kirszenblat
Ms M McGowan
Mr R Price
Ms K Rickards
Ms T Shemer
Dr H Tampiyappa
Dr C Bailey
*Ms R Becker P/Code 2021
Dr J Berg
*Mrs M Berkovic P/Code 2029
*Dr J Boots P/Code 2041
Ms N Coorey
*Ms L Dunn P/Code 2039
*Dr R Falk P/Code 2065
Mrs J Field P/code 2065
*Dr L Gyler P/Code 2089
Ms L Hird P/Code 2073
* Dr M Howard P/Code 2069
*Mrs M T Hooke P/Code 2071
*Dr K Israelstam P/Code 2071
*Dr T Keogh P/Code 2000
*Mrs E Kerr P/Code 2088
*Dr J Mc Clean P/Code 2041
*Dr W Mason P/Code 2025
Ms B McDonald
*Ms J Meadows P/Code 2000
Mrs R Mooney P/Code 2067
*Dr S Najeeb P/Code 2074
Dr M Nancarrow P/Code 2041
*Ms K Nelson P/Code 2039
Dr C Pickworth P/Code 2066
Dr C Powell (retired)
*Dr R Safier P/Code 2025
*Dr P Schimmel (02) 9415 8498
Ms P Shein P/Code 2025
Dr A Singer P/Code 2065
Dr J Spielman (retired)
*Dr R Spielman (retired) P/Code 2021
*Mrs L Sullivan P/Code 2064
*Dr J Symington (retired) P/Code 2073
*Mr N Symington P/Code 2073
Dr J Telfer P/Code 2088
*Dr J Thomas P/Code 2038
Ms K Todes P/Code 2030
*Mrs R Truda P/Code 2069
Dr M Waring
Ms S Wechsler
*Mr M Whelan P/Code 2068
Dr T Wilmot P/Code 2069
Sydney Candidates #
Ms M Bertuch 2068
Mr J Freeman 2031
Mr M Mormanis 2021
Ms C Stansfield 2071
Dr E So 2113

# Candidates are medical practitioners, psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers or others whose training and background has been assessed as suitable for them to undertake advance training in psychoanalysis. On being accepted for training, they follow a structured program of theoretical and clinical seminars, have thorough supervision of their clinical work and have their own personal psychoanalysis. The training program usually extends over five to seven years.