2nd European Psychoanalytic Conference for
University Students – EPCUS

Title: Sexuality, Psychoanalytic Perspectives

5 - 7 October, 2017
The EPF House
Brussels, Belgium

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When Freud advanced his notions on sexual seduction at the end of the 19th century, it was a shock and a scandal, opening further a field of investigation of infantile sexuality and unconscious phantasy.

The role of drives became more recognized in psychic life, with a necessity of transformation and psychic work. It begins in childhood and lasts during and after adolescence, through two periods separated by the period of latency; along with the today well-known oral, anal, phallic and oedipal phases, and the role of object.

This path which is intrinsically conflictual, encompasses many different lines; and following a multitude of variations in human sexual life, the terms ‘sexual’ and ‘sexuality’ have various meanings.

At this conference, we will explore some of them, the notions of drives, infantile sexuality and erotical desire.

Through lectures and discussions we will raise anew many disputed issues like the castration complex, oedipal longings, female sexuality, the role of the father; and examine together whether psychoanalysis was and still is a revolutionary discipline.

The participants will have an opportunity to address the topics of development of sexuality in boys and girls, the position of homosexuality and perversions, and the so important theme of fear and hate towards women.

In a discussion on a recent movie, the relation between sexuality and love will be central.

We will end in the present time, with the influence of new technologies on sexuality.