‘On destructiveness in all of us’

Dr Veronika Grueneisen


Date: 7pm - 9pm Wednesday, 11 April 2018 
‘Glen Nevis’, 18 Erin Street, RICHMOND 3121. Home of the Victorian Association of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (V APP).

Dr Grueneisen is an adult educator and a psychoanalyst in private practice since 1991 in Nuremberg, Germany, a training analyst with the German Psychoanalytic Society and the International Psychoanalytic Association, and an organisational consultant. She is also a founding member and former Chair of Partners in Confronting Collective Atrocities (PCCA; see also ), which is co-sponsoring this event.

She is visiting Melbourne to direct the Group Relations Conference, Multiple Roles: Conflicted Interests, 15-17 April 2018. See

This seminar paper draws from Dr Grueneisen’s experience in multiple group relations events in Israel and Europe conducted by Partners in Confronting Collective Atrocities to address the aftermath of destructively escalating societal conflict. The paper will describe and reflect on conference experience as well as discuss the meaning of the experience for clinical work as well as society.*

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