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Small Group Seminars with Members of SIP

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What are Small Group Seminars?

There are several types of Small Group Seminars (SGS) available including Work Discussion groups, Clinical Reading groups, and Observation Groups. All these groups aim to help clinicians to develop an ‘analytic position’ in their work, that is, to foster awareness of the psychodynamic aspects of clinical and organizational mental health settings.

Work Discussion groups allow practitioners to investigate the helpfulness of psychodynamic understanding in discussions of clinical work with 2 - 6 clinicians and a Member of Sydney Institute for Psychoanalysis (SIP). Some groups run for a 6 - 8 weeks, but others run for 12 months or longer as ’slow open groups’ with gradual changes in the group membership.

Clinical Reading groups focus on a reading to highlight an aspect of psychodynamic work. These groups may meet for a brief period (6 - 8 weeks), or be more extended (over 2 years). Most Clinical Reading groups are open to clinicians of all levels of experience and offer a taste of what courses like PPC@SIP may be like. A few Clinical Reading Groups suit more experienced clinicians.

Observation Groups offer an opportunity to learn about observation as a mode of psychological investigation, based upon introspection and empathy.

SGS groups aim to be approachable and to provide an opportunity for clinicians to become better able to ‘learn from experience.’ Groups are held throughout Sydney to help clinicians fit SGS into their working lives.

Clinicians can join several SGS groups by videoconference (VC-SGS), either from within the metropolitan area, or from regional and remote settings.

All SGS are designed to be self-contained professional development activities. Clinicians looking for more extended courses may also consider the EPIC series of lectures at SIP, and the PPC@SIP Course.

More information about EPIC and PPC@SIP visit the Sydney Institute for Psychoanalysis website

Please complete and return by post or email an SGS & VC-SGS Application Form if you would like to join one of the SGS sessions listed above.

The Application Form can be downloaded here

 For more information about SGS contact Mark Howard: