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The Enduring Significance of Psychoanalytic Theory and Practice

Leichsenring and Rabung. (2008) Effectiveness of Long-term Psychodynamic Psychotherapy JAMA, 300: 1551-1565. This sophisticated meta-analysis, selecting only “gold-standard” random controlled trials from the literature again affirms that there is evidence that Long-term Psychodynamic Psychotherapy is effective treatment for complex mental disorders.

Norman Doidge, M.D. THE BRAIN THAT CHANGES ITSELF. Stories of Personal Triumph from the Frontiers of Brain Science. New York: Viking Books, 2007 Doidge makes the case for “neuroplasticity”: that the organic brain has the capacity to change, offering well substantiated cases of quite extraordinary adaptations to brain damage and disorder, in line with the assertion that demonstrable changes in brain function can be brought about by psychotherapeutic interventions.

Ron Spielman Reviews No. 1, 2 & 4
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Falk Leichcenring & Sven Rabung (2011). Long term Psychodynamic Psychotherapy in complex mental disorders: Long-term psychodynamic psychotherapy in complex mental disorders:update of a meta-analysis. 

: Dose–effect relationship data suggest that short-term psychotherapy is insufficient for many patients with chronic distress or personality disorders (complex mental disorders).

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Andrew J Gerber. Do Psychodynamic Treatments Work?

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Stephen.A.Diamond.  Psychology’s Civil War: The (Near) Death, Transformation, and Resurrection of Dynamic Psychotherapy. A review of "Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Research: Evidence-Based Practice and Practice-Based Evidence."

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