Criteria for Training


A fundamental requirement for psychoanalytic education and clinical training is an established identity as a professional whose conduct assures a firm and enduring commitment to responsibility and ethical patient care. Psychoanalytic education begins with the selection process and therefore requires much care and thought. Selection is based on an applicant’s suitability, eligibility and readiness. It is the official position of the Branches that an applicant is never excluded on the basis of age, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, racial or ethnic background.


A selection of an applicant for psychoanalytic education and clinical training involves an assessment of suitability, the possession of certain character traits and ethical values, i.e. evidence of integrity, honesty, maturity, flexibility and strength of character, as well developed capacity for self-observation and the ability to maintain proper interpersonal boundaries.


The selection of an applicant is also based on eligibility and readiness. Prior academic training includes a university degree or its equivalent, acceptable to the Australian Psychoanalytic Society. Prior clinical training, clinical experience, aptitude and potential for psychoanalytic competence will also be considered.