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With guest speakers : Dr. Clara Nemas, MD, IPA is a training and supervising analyst of the Buenos Aires Psychoanalytic Association (APdeBA), Child and adolescent psychoanalyst, member of FEPAL and member of the IPA China Committee, of the Asia-Pacific Planning Committee (APPC). Dr. Nemas maintains a full-time private practice in Buenos Aires and was Vice-president and Scientific secretary of the APdeBA.

Ms. Pamela Nathan is a clinical and forensic psychologist, psychoanalytic psychotherapist and sociologist in independent private practice in Kew, Melbourne. She is currently Director of the Aboriginal Australian Relations Program, Creating A Safe and Supportive Environment (CASSE) and is working with violence and trauma in Central Australia.

Dr. Gil Anaf is a Training and Supervising Analyst with the Australian Psychoanalytical Society. He is currently Chair of the Adelaide Institute for Psychoanalysis.


Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd September, 2019

Ayers House, North Terrace, Adelaide, SA

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Closes 23rd August, 2019



Summoned by the Tides: Cultivating a Mind in Mindless Worlds

A ten lecture series by Maurice Whelan

Our 24-hour news cycle informs us about problems and politics in all corners of the world. Our minds overflow with information. This series selects two issues: clerical sexual abuse of children; the election of Donald Trump as US President. To collect information is one thing. To think is another. This is a series about thinking. If we learn to think clearly about the two selected issues, we will have a clarity of mind that will help us to think about anything. Central to the series are the beliefs that where language is debased thought is debased, and that literature promotes life-giving beliefs and ideas that sustain the mind. Our mind begins dependent on others. But it is something we must learn to care for. When we know what damages and what protects our mind and our capacity for thought, we discover how it can grow and create.



Thursdays 7.30-9.00pm
29th Aug,
5th, 12th, 19th Sept
31st Oct, 7th, 14th, 28th Nov
5th, 12th Dec, 2019

Sydney Institute
5 Penshurst Street, Willoughby NSW 2068

Live or via Video Conference

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Karyn Todes


International Psychoanalytical Association Congress

The Feminine

Psychoanalytic theory and practice both have a part to play in addressing the question of ‘the feminine’. Our goal for this Congress is to focus on issues that affect the everyday life and experiences of both women and men.

Since the late nineteenth century, concerns and problems related to the female condition, which were previously normalised or silenced, have become increasingly visible in different cultures.

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Psychoanalytic theories on the feminine have widened and diversified. Important debates emerged early on, such as the Freud-Jones controversy on primary and secondary femininity, and the role of penis envy in development. Many female analysts developed and presented their ideas on these issues. These debates are ongoing and have become increasingly sophisticated. The riddle of bisexuality has stood at the centre of psychoanalysis since the beginning and contains both the feminine and the masculine. The question of whether there is a set of fantasies that are connected more with the feminine than with the masculine remains open.

Each society, culture or historical period attributes certain behaviours to the feminine or the masculine. However, most people have their own personal mixture of these, and it would be an over-simplification to prescribe a fixed set of properties to one particular sex. The psychoanalytic approach is now broader, including the feminine within the field of the masculine. New family configurations and sexual and gender diversity have challenged established standards of sexual binarism and have invited new questions about femininity and masculinity. The feminine protects the infant and its development; it guarantees survival and furnishes the mother tongue. In the intermediary spaces of two, three or more persons, all the involved persons continuously negotiate the positions of the feminine and the masculine, changing the question of what should be labelled as feminine and what as masculine. We have therefore had to revisit many concepts whose relevance for clinical practice is unquestionable: among them, the Oedipal-castration complex and its traditional resolution, the feminine superego, and women’s desire for children.

Within this framework, the IPA takes up the challenge of updating and rethinking classical psychoanalytic views on the feminine and their repercussions in psychoanalysis.


24—27 July 2019

At QEII Centre
Broad Sanctuary
London UK

Leticia Glocer Fiorini
Dominique Scarfone
Catherine Chabert
Frances Thomson-Salo

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Pre Congress


The Desiring Woman: ambiguities, displacements and contradictions in a changing world

The Committee on Woman and Psychoanalysis (COWAP) presents a pre-congress to the IPA Asia - Pacific conference in 2020.

Panel Topics include : Sexual and Gender Diversity; Motherhood and Reproduction; Self-defeating behaviour and masochistic states; Aboriginal women; Maternal Subjectivity and the Feminine; Sexual and Gender identifications; Transference /CT: erotic and maternal; Family violations and social violence and others.


28 April, 2020

Sydney University
Sydney NSW

Keynote Speaker
Virginia Ungar
President IPA


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