Overview of the Training Program

The Branches teach the theory and practice of psychoanalysis to its candidates and encourages research in this field as well as promoting mental health in the community through supervision, consultations and educational seminars and lectures. Completion of the training leads to the title Psychoanalyst as recognized by the International Psychoanalytical Association.

The Aim of Psychoanalytical Training

The primary aim of psychoanalytic education is to develop psychoanalytic competence and a core psychoanalytic identity. A psychoanalytic identity requires intellectual and emotional openness towards understanding the complexity of the human mind including its suffering. Essential to this identity are an attitude of scientific curiosity, a spirit of openness towards new observations, and a wish to acquire a comprehensive understanding of the accumulated body of psychoanalytic knowledge. A psychoanalytic identity also includes a lasting commitment to continuing study and development as an analyst, to regular consultation with colleagues. The analyst’s identity depends upon developing and maintaining high standards of clinical competence. High ethical standards and a commitment to patient care are priorities for the analyst.

This course is part-time and is organised so that students are able to continue working during the training

For further information please contact the Chair of Admission in your nearest Branch..

Adelaide      Dr Gil Anaf anaf@internode.on.net
Melbourne   Dr Adele Carmady acarmady@gmail.com
Sydney        Ms Margaret Berkovic margaret@berkovic.com