Training courses


Expand your knowledge of psychoanalysis

Whether you are hoping to become a psychoanalyst, or just want to better understand core psychoanalytic principles to help you in your work, our training provides an essential grounding in psychoanalytic theory.

We offer full training for those hoping to become psychoanalysts and members of the society, alongside a range of short courses designed to suit all levels of experience.

Depending on the course you choose, you can study at our Adelaide, Melbourne or Sydney branches, or you may be able to join our video-conferences from wherever you live and complete the modules online.


What type of course interests you?


Introductory courses

A range of short courses and ongoing workshops covering a wide range of psychoanalytic topics in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.

Full training

An ongoing training program of 5 years or more, made up of three core components. Successful completion leads to a qualification as a psychoanalyst.

Child and adolescent psychoanalytic training

If you are already an adult psychoanalyst you can take a specialist post graduate program.

We are in the process of designing a child and adolescent training that will be integrated into the core adult training (Integrated Training Track).