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Advanced Psychoanalytic Theoretical Seminars

A four year introductory seminar program on psychoanalytic theory, making up the theoretical training for candidates of the Adelaide branch of the Australian Psychoanalytical Society.

The course is also open to practicing clinicians who want to enhance their understanding of psychoanalysis.

Seminar leaders are internationally recognised analysts who join us by video-conference.

Workshops and Case Supervision for Psychiatry Trainees

We run a year long seminar program for psychiatry trainees on psychoanalytic thinking.

We also offer analytically oriented case supervision in a major teaching hospital for interested psychiatrists and psychiatric registrars. This is offered on an ad hoc basis so that clinicians are able to attend when they are available.

Management of suicidal patients in the Emergency Department

We run a series of psychoanalytically-oriented clinical seminars for psychiatrists and psychiatry trainees to assist in de-escalating and managing suicidal patients who present to the Emergency Department.

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